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Sinopec T600 15W40 CJ-4/SM 200L

Sinopec T600 15W40 CJ-4/SM 200L
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High performance Sinopec T600 CJ-4/SM 200L oil
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Product description
Sinopec Diesel Engine Oil CJ-4/SM 15W-40 is formulated with high viscosity
index, group 2 base oils and advanced low-SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorus
and sulfur) multifunctional additive technology to meet the requirements of a
wide range of engine manufacturers.
Suitable for use in heavy duty diesel engines, including modern low-emission
diesel engines and those using exhaust after-treatment systems. Also suitable
for use in petrol/gasoline engines requiring an API SM quality oil.
Sinopec Diesel Engine Oil CJ-4/SM 15W-40 is suitable for use in:
• Heavy duty diesel engines with EGR, DPF or other new technology low-emission systems, which require a low-ash
lubricant in order to meet Euro III/IV/V and Australian ADR 80/00, 80/02 and 80/03 requirements.
• Heavy duty diesel engines using exhaust after-treatment systems.
• Heavy duty diesel engines operating continuously under very heavy or high load-factor conditions.
• On-highway application in heavy-duty vehicles operating under severe conditions, such as long-distance or urban
traffic vehicles; also suitable in light-duty on-highway applications.
• Petrol/gasoline engines requiring an API SM quality oil.
• Suitable for mixed fleet use.
• Off-highway applications that use emission control systems.
Features and benefits
• Advanced low-ash additive system provides excellent protection for modern low-emission diesel engines equipped with
EGR, DPF or other technologies.
• Formulated with high viscosity index, group 2 base oils, which provide improved oxidation control over conventional
oils, reducing the formation of sludge and deposits and reducing oil thickening, thereby keeping the product in grade
for longer and extending oil and engine life.
• Low oil evaporation loss leads to improved fuel economy and reduces oil consumption, exhaust emissions and engine
• High shear stability ensures that viscosity is maintained, even under severe, high-temperature service conditions,
providing greater engine wear protection and extended engine life.
• Excellent soot and deposit control provide protection against piston deposits and valve train wear, and ensure engine
cleanliness and smooth running.
• Excellent control of aeration and foaming ensures protection of engine parts.
• High acid neutralisation ability, together with TBN retention, provide rust and corrosion protection and prolong engine
• Excellent thermal and oxidation stability protect the engine against rust, corrosion and wear caused by the formation of
sludge and deposits.
• Good elastomer compatibility ensures longer gasket and seal life.
• Excellent low-temperature properties ensure start up at low temperature and protect against start-up wear.

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