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Sinopec SL MA 10W30 4T Motorcycle oil 1L

Sinopec SL MA 10W30 4T Motorcycle oil 1L
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Sinopec SL MA 10W30 4T Motorcycle oil 1L
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Product description
Sinopec SL MA2 10W-30 4T Motorcycle Oil is formulated with high-quality mineral oils and a multifunctional additive system. It meets the requirements of the Japanese Automobile Standards Organization (JASO), part of the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, as a JASO MA2 quality product. This multigrade oil is suitable for four-stroke gasoline motorcycle engines fitted with wet clutches.
• Air or water cooled, four-stroke gasoline motorcycle engines, where a JASO MA2 or API SL quality oil is required.
• Larger motorcycle engines with a capacity greater than 150 cc.
• Four-stroke gasoline engines used in generators, lawnmowers and light power equipment.
• A wide range of Japanese, North American and European four-stroke gasoline engines.
Features and benefits
 • Good detergent and dispersant properties, and good thermal stability, protect against combustion chamber deposits and exhaust port fouling, provide excellent piston skirt cleanliness and reduce piston ring sticking.
• Good antiwear performance protects against engine and gearbox wear and extends component life, even at high engine speeds.
• Unique frictional characteristics ensure excellent wet clutch performance and smooth gear response.
• Excellent catalyst compatibility ensures optimum performance and long life of the catalytic converter.
• Good low temperature fluidity ensures the engine is protected, even under low-temperature start-up conditions.
• Excellent shear stability keeps the oil in grade for longer, even under the extreme conditions of hard off-road riding.
• Formulated to ensure low oil consumption. 

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