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SuperCharge Battery Warranty


The warranty for batteries, like for most manufactured goods, is a warranty against faulty materials and workmanship.

Proof of purchase is needed to claim warranty. As soon as it is determined that the battery is defective and is within its specified warranty, due to faulty manufacturing, it will be replaced with an equivalent battery free of charge.

The warranty period in months for each product type is indicated in succeeding pages.

The guarantee is void if the battery has been subjected to overcharging, abuse, faulty vehicle charging system, neglect, failure to maintain acid (water) levels, tampering of markings or broken or removed vent plugs. Failure to use distilled water when topping up a battery will also void warranty. Installing a battery that has a lower capacity than is originally specified by the manufacturer of the equipment will likewise void warranty. Warranty periods indicated are for private use only. A 12-month warranty applies for commercial use. A 6-month warranty applies for taxi use.



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